Welcome to ICCMSS Loans

Are you drowning in depression because of your poor credit status? Do you find yourself undergoing immense stress every time your loan application is rejected? Do you feel as if you’ve reached the end of the road and have lost all hope? If yes, take a deep breath as ICCMSS Loans is here for you. We offer affordable logbook loans to all UK citizens with a poor credit rating without any difficulty. For many years, ICCMSS Loans has steadily scaled the ladders to become one of the most respected UK logbook loan lenders. We believe that everyone is entitled to an emergency loan as and when they need it and that discrimination based on a person’s credit score is a great injustice.

Basically, logbook loans refer to a special type of loan product specifically designed for individuals with a poor credit rating, provided that they have a car legally registered in their own name as security. Our logbook loans are simple to apply for and we only ask you to meet the basic of requirements. To qualify and be considered you need to be residing in the UK, own a motor vehicle registered in your own name and provide proof that you receive income on a regular basis.

What makes us unique?

At ICCMSS Loans, we believe in going beyond the call of duty to ensure that we attend to the needs of our customers in the most professional way possible. For this reason, we are not only concerned with approving loans but take it upon ourselves to educate our customers so that they can make an informed decision. Our goal is to establish a long lasting relationship with our customers and one way of doing this is by ensuring that we have their best interests at heart. We are cognizant of the fact that some of our customers tend to make wrong financial decisions when it comes to logbook loans and therefore end up in deep debt. To stem this habit, we offer money advice before approving loans so that our customers can make knowledgeable decisions and improve their credit score status in the long run. We believe that excellent service delivery gives us a competitive edge and that is why we do everything possible to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met and that their expectations are exceeded.

What might force us to reject a logbook loan application?

Granted, we strive to approve every single logbook loan application we receive. However, there are instances when we might be forced to reject or decline an application. One such instance is when the car you present as collateral is not registered in your own name. We require that you are the legal owner of the car against which the loan will be taken out. Alternatively, we might be forced to reject your application if the car you present as collateral has been on the road for a period exceeding 10 years. In addition to that, we expect our customers to be as honest as possible when filling out the application form. Wilful provision of wrongful information is grounds for rejection.

Why you should apply for a logbook loan with us

We offer the best affordable logbook loans in the UK as you will find here. We ascribe to professional ethical standards and not only treat our customers with respect but also do everything we can to ensure that we provide logbook loans in the shortest time possible. We have been in operation for a number of years and have a string of satisfied customers. We believe in quality service delivery and our mantra is to assist as many UK customers as possible. If you have been denied a loan because of your low credit score status, it is time you considered applying for one with us.